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Guidelines for Use of DEMO International®
Branded Content


To maintain the integrity and consistency of the DEMO International® brand, it is essential that all parties adhere to the following guidelines when using our branded content. The following information provides standard protocols for the use of our official logos, social posts, tag lines, and social media hashtags. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that our brand is represented accurately and professionally across all media and advertising channels.

Official Logos

1. Usage: The DEMO International® official logos should be used in their entirety without any alterations. This includes maintaining the aspect ratio, colours, and design elements.

2. Placement: Logo placement should be prominent.

3. Sizing: Ensure that the logo is scaled proportionately and minimum size maintains legibility and brand recognition.

5. Approval: If the use of the logo is to be on one of the sponsorship items for the event, final proof of the item must be submitted for approval by the DEMO International® management team. Submission to be sent to

Generic Social Posts and Hashtags

1. Content: Use the provided social posts as they are, without making significant changes to the text or intended message. You may adjust the tone slightly to fit your audience while preserving the core message.

2. Attribution: Always attribute the content to DEMO International® using our official handles and hashtags.

3. Specificity: Use the official hashtags as provided, without modification. This ensures they are easily trackable and recognizable.

4. Consistency: Ensure that the posts align with our overall branding strategy and messaging.

Social Media:

• Twitter: @DemoIntl
• Facebook: @DEMOIntl
• Instagram: @DemoInternational


Engaging Tag Lines

1. Integrity: Tag lines should be used verbatim to maintain the intended impact and brand voice.

Tag lines:

“North America’s premier forestry equipment expo nestled deep in the woods.”

“Cutting-edge Machinery, In-Woods, In-Action”

2. Application: Incorporate tag lines in a way that enhances the marketing material, ensuring they are clear and prominently displayed.

3. Context: Use tag lines in appropriate contexts that reflect the event’s values and message.

By following these guidelines, exhibitors, sponsors, advertisers and media partners can help us maintain a strong, cohesive brand presence. If you have any questions or require further clarification on these guidelines, please contact us at

Download Files: The following downloadable zip files contain various versions of acceptable use logos and social media graphics. If you require a specific file format for your project, please contact us at

Download zip file for embroidery use
Download zip file for vector logos
Download zip file for social media graphics
Download zip file for DEMO International Show logos for digital use
Download zip file for bag printing logo