DEMO International® 2024 Heads to the Nation’s Capital!

DEMO International® will take over the Ottawa/Gatineau area, September 2024. A world-class event for the forestry industry, this edition will be hosted by SBC Cedar (SBC) on one of their forest properties in Venosta, Quebec.

Typically occurring only every four years in different regions across the country, the 2024 edition will mark the 14th edition of DEMO® International. Over the course of its 50-year history, DEMO® International has evolved into one of North America’s largest and unique outdoor equipment shows. The “all live and in action, in-woods” event will attract thousands of leaders in the equipment manufacturing sector featuring the latest technologies in forestry equipment, products and services covering all aspects of woodlands operations, including fully mechanized to small-scale forestry operations.


Peter Robichaud
Executive Director
Canadian Woodlands Forum
Phone (902) 897-6961 • Cell (902) 899-6420
[email protected]

Marc Bergeron
Property Manager
SBC Cedar
(418) 507-2525
[email protected]

Mark Cusack
National Show Manager
Master Promotions Ltd.
(506) 333-1064
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A world-class event

Every four years, thousands of industry professionals attend DEMO International® to make big decisions for their foresty-based business.

The Canadian Woodlands Forum’s DEMO International® will be held outside the Ottawa/Gatineau area, Canada.
Showcase your product LIVE and IN ACTION to visitors who will attend the show from around the world!
Anything and everything to do with forestry operations, and the equipment to make operations run more efficiently, will be found at DEMO International®. An ideal venue for showing off your forestry products, this is a show you can’t miss!

Exhibit Categories

  Pre-Commercial and Commercial Thinning
  Final Harvesting

  Chipping / Grinding
  Road and Bridge Construction
  Material, Handling and Trucking
  Small Scale

  Site Preparation and Planting
  Small Private Woodlot Management
  Steep Slope & Cable Logging
  Forestry Education, Safety and Protection
  Environmental Practices and Policy
  Fuels / Lubes
  Forest Consulting, Research and Development
  And much, much, more…


You can choose how you want to showcase your machinery, products, or services with several convenient options…

Live demonstration of woodlands equipment, including all types of forest harvesting, commercial thinning and chipping. Includes a roadside landing of 150m² (10m x 15m) and a minimum of 1-1.5 hectares of forest area to demonstrate equipment. For safety reasons, active truck transport will not be permitted.

Passive exhibit, with the option to operate in place, and no additional materials required.  Examples include: portable sawmills; tire suppliers; GPS equipment; truck and trailers; safety equipment; hydraulic hoses; fuels and lubricants etc. Roadside landings are 10m x 10m (100m²) upon which tents and equipment can be stationed.

Static Booths:
These booths will include a 10’ x 10’ tent/shelter. These booths will be grouped together (6-8) and placed along the loop.

Small Scale Forestry:
In recognition of the sector, DEMO 2024 will feature an exclusive section as the “Small-Scale Forestry Showcase”. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this new addition to DEMO International®, as we highlight the latest advancements in manufacturing and technology. All wood and feed stock will be provided to your site, including forklift & skid steer service, for loading and clean-up. Contact for pricing and details.


Peter Robichaud, Executive Director,
Canadian Woodlands Forum
Phone: (902) 897-6961
Cell: (902) 899-6420
Email: [email protected]

Marc Bergeron,
SBC Cedar,

Low Property Manager
Cell: (418) 507-2525
Email: [email protected]

Mark Cusack,
National Show Manager

Master Promotions Ltd.
Phone: 506 333-1064
Email: [email protected]